Littlerock Family Medicine, P.S. is a Family Doctor's office located In Tumwater, Washington.

We are your first step in taking
control of your health.

Rock solid healthcare!


  • Illnesses/Colds/Fevers
  • Weight Loss (SculpSure Body Sculpting)
  • DOT/CDL, Annual, & Sports Physicals
  • Pediatrics/Geriatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Minor Surgeries
  • Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia
  • Asthma, Allergies, Eczema 

Weekly Hours

  • Daytime Hours: Monday—Friday:           8am - 4pm
  • After-Hours Walk-Ins: Monday—Friday: 4pm - 9pm
  • Walk-Ins: Saturday & Sunday:                 4pm - 9pm

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