Attending Students

Our attending students

Littlerock Family Medicine offers unique externship opportunities for students of all backgrounds to work collaboratively with Dr. Harris, who draws on more than 25 years of experience, in areas such as medical assistant, nurse practitioner, physician assistant in training and more. Students work under careful and thorough physician supervision to learn and apply new skills while receiving the time and energy they deserve from our capable staff.

Ryan Frost - PA-S

9/23/13 - 1/31/14

From University of Washington. Left LFM with a thorough and precise understanding of the field boasting outstanding dependability, intiative, and integrity.


Tyler Harrington - PA-S

4/1/14 - 8/15/14

From University of Washington. Tyler left LFM with a wealth of knowledge and experience that was further focused and improved during his time here. He proved a valuable member of our care team and was a pleasure to work with! 

Jennifer O'Brien - ARNP-S

8/25/14 - 12/12/14

From Concordia University of Wisconsin. Though Jennifer was only with us for a short while she proved a worthy colleague: bright and bubbly daily she worked diligently and thoroughly leaving LFM in better spirits than before with newfound ability and background.

Krista Guyll - PA-S

9/22/14 - 1/29/15

From University of Washington. Krista has been an impressive member of the team overflowing with earnest vigor and proactivity, unafraid of the unyielding challenges, learning more every day. We are all looking forward to her future.

Cody Balogh - PA-S

4/13/15 - 8/7/15

From University of Washington. In the past Cody has worked as a first responder and Lead Emergency Service Technician and now seeks to supplement the experience and knowledge gained with new challenging family practice work. Although Cody's position is temporary he proves an integral part of our team and consistently brings earnest positivity to the table while also being a real stand-up guy.

Percy Lynchard - ARNP-S

1/1/16 - 3/20/16

From Gonzaga, Percy graced us with his presence as he was shown the ropes. Always a pleasure to have around Percy completed his rotation with us at LFM without any problems. Good luck in the future Percy!

Remmy Ombati - PA-S

6/13/16 - 8/5/16

Coming to us from University of Washington's Medex program Remmy was a great pleasure to have around. His sense of adventure never receded despite being faced with numerous difficult cases. Best of luck to you Remmy!

Jen Moneypenny - ARNP-S

5/9/16 - 8/6/16 & 8/22/16 - 12/6/16

Jen has done two rotations with LFM over the course of a year and set the bar high for other students. She is an extremely quick study and even faster at implementation. Jen's level of confidence built over time having gained more and more exposure to a family practice setting and by the end she felt like a fully fledged provider! Jen has been accepted onto our staff starting March 9th, 2017!

Bob Wright - FNP-S

7/26/16 - 10/6/16

Pursuing a career in family medicine Bob studied at University of Washington. Both Bob and his wife have both decided to devote themselves to becoming family nurse practitioners! Bob was unique in his bedside manner deriving from his background in Disney and was always a delight to talk to. Bob finished his rotation early while maintaining a 4.0 gpa; we expect great things in his future!

Steven Hernandez - PA-S

8/1/16 - 9/9/16

Before coming to us Steven worked in emergency and urgent care medicine then later enrolled at Pacific University in Oregon. Bright-eyed and confident he excelled in increasing his ever-expanding knowledge base and applying it effectively in diagnosis. Steven was extremely sensible and down to Earth and will have no problem in his journey forward.


Frantz Alphonse - PA-S

9/19/16 - 1/27/16

Having spent years in the U.S. Navy Frantz assisted with physical examinations and immunizations. Years later Frantz now comes to us out of University of Washington's Medex program in Seattle. The perfect blend of solemn intent and excitable humor Frantz truly brings us something special.

Jason Bradley - FNP-S

8/30/16 - 12/16/16

Jason comes to us from Kentucky and currently attends Gonzaga University via the US military. Jason was able to build on his experience with case management, oncology, and tobacco treatment to now include family practice and women's health. Jason displayed a calm and confident demeanor that will serve him well moving forward.

Mi-Ae Johnson - ARNP-S

11/6/16 - 3/29/17

Mi-Ae liked us so much that she decided to do a second rotation with us despite her long commute. She is practically a sponge for new medical knowledge and we know she has great things in store!

Lisa Hemmersbach - ARNP-S

12/6/16 - 2/8/17

Out of Kaplan University Lisa picked us to do her first clinical rotation. She has nowhere to go but up! By the end of her time with us she displayed a thorough understanding of how family practice works and showed real promise in the care she was able to provide.